Upgrading your iPhone

New iPhone is out but you need to fix the screen to trade in the old one?

Ready to Upgrade

Thinking About Trading In a Phone?

Are you ready for an upgrade? Here are some things you need to know!

To trade-in and upgrade any installment plan or fully paid for smartphone, it must be fully functional and in good physical condition. All upgrades that do not meet the eligability requirements will be turned away. That means you spent all that time waiting in line at the store to only be told "Sorry can't help". Here are some expamples of what is unacceptable -

  • Screen cracked or not functional
  • Extensive frame damage (severe bends or corner damage)
  • Broken back camera glass
  • Missing buttons
  • Locked phones - you must be able to reset the phone to factory

Fortunately, we can help with all of these things so you can get your shiny new device. Give us a call or text at (832) 819-4349 or email us at services@brokegadget.com    Get a Quote