iPhone Micro Soldering Repair Houston Texas

Microsoldering Repair Pricing for Mobile Phones and Tablets in Houston, TX

General Prices:
Any device, batteries, screens, charge ports, DIY rescue repair, cameras, tempered glass installation.  We only install original quality parts.  Prices of our repair parts fluctuate due to supply and demand.

Local customers:

We work mostly by appointment only.  Call/text/email us to get pricing and turn around times and schedule drop off/pick up.   832-819-4349

Special Discounts for Repair Shops

Board-level repairs (Mail-in):

All devices need a quote before being shipped.  For a quote, go to Get a Quote/Send It In and fill out the request- We will respond within 24 business hours.

General Pricing:

We offer Solutions, not just repairs---if we can't fix it - you don't pay:

Paying to look under the hood is never a good feeling.  
Because of this, we only offer a solution, not a soldering services.

When you inform me of what is wrong with your device, I will quote a no fix, no fee solution to the problem.
Many devices are "holes for rabbits" i.e. not feasible to repair when the time troubleshooing outweighs the value of the device.  We avoid those rabbit holes as much as we can.  We will diagnose the issue based on the history and behavior of the device.  If we think we have a decent chance of understanding the problem, and we have the ability to get the parts required, then we will give you quote for a "no fix = no fee" solution.   Some problems are too open-ended for the value of the device, so we don't accept every problem.

Specific Repairs:

iPhone 6/6+ Touch IC Replacement- with a future proof shields:  $95 / $75 if board only is sent ?

  • guaranteed to restore touch function to device or there is no fee

Most iPhone/iPad Motherboard Connectors:  $69

  • Examples: 
  • iPad mini 1/2 digitizer fpc
  • iPad 2/3/4 digitizer/LCD FPC connectors
  • iPhone 4s/5/5s digitizer, front/rear camera/dock connector 

iPhone connectors: $69

iPad Air charging solution: $99

Charge port soldering $49--basic ports like Samsung s3

Flex-based soldered on charge ports-$69

Complex charge ports = $99 Including prior repair attempt.  

  • Samsung S2/S3/S4 charge-ports
  • iPad mini dock-connector
  • iTouch 4th gen dock-connector
  • Kindle Fire charge-port
  • All charge ports must have physical damage to the charge port (RABBITS)

Backlight solutions (tiered pricing): 

  • iPad mini/mini retina starts at $49 for  level 1 simple fuse replacement with no prior repair, $79 level 2, $99 level 3
  • iPhone 4/4S $49 LCD connector reflow
  • iPhone 5/5S $59 'top side repair' = backlight filters replaced, connector reflow
  • iPhone 5/5S $69 'bottom side repair' = backlight coil, diode replacement
  • iPad 2/3/4 $55--level 1 fuse replacement, $69 level 2, $99 level 3
  • iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+ backlight: $85 / $75 if board only

Pry damage/knocked, missing components:

  • iPhone 5 classic pry damage solution for no power/home button problem $99  guaranteed to restore home and power button functionality or no fee.  +$25 per pad to solder if missing (rare)
  • other tool/finger/technician damage solutions = level 1 $49, level 2 $69, level 3 $99 depending on amount of damage, requirement for jumpers, etc.

Specialty Repair: iPhone 5s BSOD $125:  iPhone 5s (BSOD) Blue Screen of Death solution.   No fix it, no fee it!  

Specialty Repair: iPhone 6/6+ BSOD or no backlight after long screw damage   $125:  No fix, no fee  

Water Damage--Data Recovery only.  $250: no data = no fee.  We do not address water damage to restore the phone for use.  Turnaround time is 3 weeks.  Rush service is available for $100 data rush fee.  If rush, then board will be address within a few days.

  • $250 water damage solution for data recovery --
    • Full service board repair.   -cleaning, reflowing and/or replacing damaged components at board level.  Phone may not be fully functional after service, but we guarantee retrieval of your data or no charge.

MacBook repair.  $250 for comprehensive service to bring 90% of the functions back to the device. Again, no fix no fee.  We cannot just replace a chip or a connector as a request for a stand alone repair.