Micro Soldering Mail in Instructions for iPhone, iPad repair

Mail-In Instructions for Micro Soldering Service for iPhone, iPad and other Mobile Devices


You must first fill out a Work Request before sending in any repairs.  This online form can be found using the "Printable Info Sheet" above.


Mail-in Instructions: 
1.) Use this Printable Info Sheet fill this out and include it with your device.

This form will help us match your device to the work order when we recieve it.   
(Be sure to include the device passcode so all functions can be tested before shipping back to you.  We cannot begin the data recovery process if a passcode is not provided.)

‚Äč 2.) Send us just what we need for the repair!

What to send?
For any service including data recovery send the complete phone as is.  We will take the device apart for you as part of our service.   You can also just send the logic board only if you prefer.  If you want full assembly, send us all the hardware.  We can fill in missing screws/shields if we have them. We have our own complete test shells if you choose to send the board only.

For iPad mini 1 or mini 2 retina  repair---send the board or board in the back housing--you don't have to take out the board.   Do not send third party iPad mini screens, we will not be able to install these for you.  Do not send us fully assembled iPad minis if you are buying board repair service.  We will charge a $20 disassembly fee.  We will reassemble minis for an additional $55 using our part. We are not responsible for any missing/damaged screens/accessories that you send.   If you choose to send extra items like boxes, screens, chargers, cases---you maynot get them back, or they may arrive damaged!

  • Exception: If you are buying an add on iPad mini screen replacement, then you may send us the intact mini with all hardware/screens as is.  We will assemble as part of our comprehensive screen replacement service which includes our own original quality iPad mini digitizer.

For iPad 2, 3, 4, Air board repair---send the board only, or board in frame.  We have our own diagnostic test screens/housings.  If you send us an intact device, We will charge a $20 disassembly fee. If you want us to reassemble with a new screen there will be a $55 charge. Please send intact ipad for this service.

For Android phone board repair---send us the entire device, loosely assembled.  

For "odd device" microsoldering--send us what we need based on your quote for the repair.

For MacBook repair---send the entire MacBook so we can be sure it all works in the native housing with the native hard drive.  Assembly/disassembly is included for any Macbook service.

Shipping notes:  USPS offers the most reasonable rates--most phones and iPad minis will fit in the USPS priority flat rate box for $6.  International Shipping is $33.  Overnight shipping is $20.

3.) Address your package to this address:

Broke Gadget Incoming
7312 Louetta Rd
Spring, TX 77379

 4.) Decide if you need RUSH service.  If you need to expedite, mark the OUTSIDE of your package "RUSH"

  • $20 for standard repairs for same day service (business days only--not always available).  
  • $40 for rush touch ic service.
  • Not available for complex repairs.  
  • $100 RUSH data recovery for service less than 2 weeks to meet your insurance deadline.

5.) Send us the package
We will match your device with the work request and create a ticket for the repair.  Once the device is entered in the system, you will receive confirmation of delivery and the ticket number to the email provided on the form.   

6.) Once repair is tested, is working and  complete, you will get an email with a link to provide payment.  Our credit card service is Square, you can pay via credit card or through Paypal using the link in your invoice email. 

7.) Once payment is complete, the device is shipped back, we send to the shipping address on your paper info sheet, and a tracking number will be given. 

8.) If your device is NOT FIXABLE, then you will only receive an invoice for return shipping (if you want the device returned unassembled).  Reassembly fee of $20 is charged on no fix devices that need to be returned fully assembled.  No charge if you choose to donate your dead device to the donor pile to help the next guy.  Return shipping is usually $6 for domestic, $33 for International.